a zine made for a jam i held with my friends, the subject was "HATER SHIT"...


a series of images my friends and i made in response to finding out about strange little creature.
some explicit content involved, presented as a pdf!

September Sketchbook - 2022

i really dont draw as much as i should so i challanged myself to try n do so once a day, every day, in september.
i did alright and i enjoyed it and i planned to keep going but lots of stuff got in the way and i havent really tried it again since...

I Can't Believe It's Not Homestuck

look... i think its pretty normal for a girl to get really into homestuck right before moving and to make a homestuck OC and her own homestuck webpage ripoff... i'm normal.
just because the url says page 1 doesn't mean i'm actively planning to do anything with this but it sure does make it easier to keep it going in the future.

Click Mine

a dinky little clicker i made over the last few days while learning the bare basics of javascript. what u see is what u get with it, but it will serve as a good foundation and jumping off point for more interesting shit in the future :)